Swimming – Benefits of a Family Sport

One of the oldest water sports is swimming. What makes it more inviting is that the sport has the least number of injuries compared to other sports. During vacation, beaches, water parks and lakes are filled with swimming enthusiasts.

Recently, man has realized the importance to own a fit and healthy body. Science shows that swimming is beneficial to developing ones blood circulation, while providing a way to stretch the muscles.

With the ease one moves in water, swimming offers minimal force requirement, while one building one’s power and heart beat capacity and endurance.

With the benefits above, people promoting health would include swimming in the fitness regime. It is used to maintain one’s body mass and shape.

Not only is swimming serious work, but also fun for relaxation and recovering one’s health.

Families who could afford a swimming pool choose to build one in the comforts of their own house.

For those who are already into the game, they turn professionals. Some become lifeguards assigned to beaches or swimming pools. They help save lives of those people who find face problems in swimming while in the beach or pool. Others become swim team coach who lead swimmers whether amateur or professionals. As the coach, one lectures swimmers on the different strokes and provides insights on techniques in building stamina.

When going swimming, one should also consider one’s attire. Proper swimming outfit reduces friction and allows free movement.

Friction between the body and water causes resistance to the body which gives it a good work-out when you work through the water. A lot of water activities take advantage of this like water aerobics and water ballet. Water-based activities enhance a person’s metabolism and exercise each part of the body.

For beginners, a great way of mastering the various swim strokes is to take swimming classes from a professional. It’s recommended that you know how to swim by the time you are eight years old.

Occupational Health and Safety – Stress and Workaholism at Work

There has been a lot of hullabaloo recently about the problems facing Australia in retaining talented workers and the subsequent pressure placed on those remaining behind in the workplace.

The incidence in stress claims is rising and is having an impact on the economy and enterprises in general.

The incidences of people who work ‘day in day out’ who in many ways are closet workaholics is increasing.We are told that 1 in 5 Australians are suffering from some sort of mental illness and that 1 in 7 teenager’s at high-school suffer from depression. This comes from proven research but my guess is that it is probably higher, after all these subjects are still quite taboo in our society.

Why be the richest and unhappiest person in the cemetery? Take a walk around the local cemetery sometimes and read the inscriptions – it’s actually quite interesting what you read.

People are becoming crankier, less tolerant, and the workplace is rapidly becoming a battleground where much emotion is wasted in argy bargy, meetings and petty grievances.

It could be argued that ‘workaholism’ could be in part contributed by the ageing population, different generational expectations, talented workers moving offshore and the move from permanent employment to contract working. This is simply untrue.

The lesson seems to be that some have work and others don’t, slaving away 12 hours plus per day in order to keep the wolf from the door, the mortgage paid, the annual holiday and whatever else pushes their buttons and sacrifice quality of life – for what?.

Australia has one of the most highly qualified unemployed ‘work-force’ in the world.

I am a firm believer in education and as one wise person said ‘if you think that education is expensive try ignorance’. I am committed to life long learning so long as it benefits my clients and me.

But what about the commonsense approach of sharing the load and looking after our back yard.

Why aren’t company’s learning from their mistakes, taking responsibility (a dirty word today) and ensuring that they are adequately resourced and taking the time to know their people. Or could it be that the relentless drive for shareholder value has blinded the eyes of these executives who sit in their ivory towers issuing edicts mindless to the fact that below them often sits a smoking powder keg. If you were privy to the previous company secrets that I was when I was CEO and the mindless way my superiors though of and treated their employees you would be shocked. Or when I was in Banking and the way the Bank paid out $500,000 in unbudgeted redundancies in 1994 besides other amounts that were cleverly disguised in various ways simply to get rid of people.

In my daily work as a strategic human resource management advisor I am privy to the heartaches of people as they tell me their difficulties. Most of these difficulties focus around other work colleagues or overwork. Chronic overwork has a tremendous impact of personal health, family life and company productivity.

I have to confess that I was once a workaholic for many years before a heart scare woke me up in time and thankfully without doing any major damage to my health. This is not just my story but one of many that is illustrated by the following true story that I was involved with (names and identities have been changed).

The following is a true story with details changed to protect privacy.

Liam was the General Manager of an organisation that operated in New South Wales and Queensland. He was very experienced in his field and had been a secret workaholic for 15 years.

He had been employed to help get the company back on track after the overseas parent company had put the cleaners through management and left the company drift for 3 months without leadership

Soon after starting he began to experience increased pressure and the mantra seemed to be ‘I’ve been working on the railroad all the dead day long’

Yes it was sales, sales, sales, profit, profit, and profit come hell or ‘high-water’ with no regard to workers who were viewed as lazy.

For the first 6 months Liam worked hard at raising the company standard. This often required Liam travelling away from home.

Liam started to achieve some credible results and after 6 months had NSW and QLD co-operating as a team for the first time in 12 years and sales and profits started to increase. This came to the notice of the overseas parent but the pressure was not lessoned. This was despite him working 14 -16 hour days.

Liam wasn’t happy and looked at his options. He took the option to resign although he could have taken leave under workplace health and safety guidelines. In his resignation letter he tabled his concerns about the company’s breach of their duty of care, and other known incidences that he had brought to management and that he had not been given the reasonable relief he had requested.

I became involved with this process and represented Liam in discussions with the Chairman of the Board.

What does the law say?

Under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 employers have an obligation to ensure the health and safety of all workers by managing risks at the workplace. This includes physical, mental and emotional. In addition, employers are under a common law duty of care and will be found liable if they break the law and a breach of their statutory and common law obligations are proven. There are heavy penalties for individuals and organisations that disregard the law.

All employers have an obligation to be totally upfront and realistic about the job on offer. For more information you will find articles at(www.biz-momentum.com) Biz Momentum which are available for you free of charge.

What should the company have done?

o The company should have had in place a workplace stress policy.

o Management should have taken their duty of care under workplace health & safety seriously. In this instance employee moral began to suffer because of mismanagement.

o The company should have had a policy on working hours and what constituted reasonable expectations for after hours, work including management.

o The company should have taken Liam’s reports and discussions seriously and investigated his concerns.

o The company had a general duty of care to ensure that there was adequate employees’ to cover the work.

o The company should have consulted their industrial or legal professionals

o The company should have given Liam adequate time to recover and re-size his position. He had more than proved he could operate successfully through the financial and leadership results.

What should Liam have done?

o Liam followed the right processes documenting his difficulties and speaking with management

o Liam kept file notes of these discussions.

o He requested leave that was reluctantly given but only for 1 week, insufficient to recover.

o He should have gone to his Doctor and taken advice and in my view taken long term leave through WH&S.

o Liam took industrial advice.

o Taken counselling – we all have issues that sometimes speaking with someone else can help resolve.

The Wash-up

I meet with the Chairman of the Board and stressed the seriousness of Liam’s situation. Yes the Chairman understood this and acknowledged there had been some wrong doing by the company.

As Liam had voluntary resigned the Chairman proposed that a payment of $60,000 be offered as a without prejudice payment on signing a deed of release.

It was ultimately Liam’s choice and he accepted.

Family Law – The Consequences of Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy is a difficult experience, even if you’re happily in a long term relationship or are married. The choice about your next step is complicated by health, family values and dynamics, religion and practical considerations. If you’re not in a long term relationship, your decision may be even harder.

How does the law guide us in this area?

If you’ve chosen to pursue the pregnancy, the law is quite clear about parental obligations – both during and after the pregnancy.

The child’s rights

Upon birth, the child has a right to a meaningful relationship with its parents and the parents must act in the best interests of the child.

This includes the parents making shared decisions about the long term care, welfare and development of the child and the child being permitted to spend equal time or substantial and significant time with its parents.

Regarding time spent, the courts look to providing the child with quality time with its parents to allow it to develop its relationship with its parents. The factors examined in this equation include the family structure and dynamics, culture of both parents and their respective religions.

The parents’ obligations to each other

The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (‘the Act’) guides on the mutual parental obligations and permits a mother to make application to the courts for maintenance and child bearing expenses. There are two phases when a father may be ordered to pay: during pregnancy and for at least three months after the birth of the child.

During pregnancy, the mother has a right to maintenance payments from the father for the period that she is unable to work due to the pregnancy. This period may be for the last two months of the pregnancy and can be extended if the mother is medically advised not to work to protect the pregnancy.

The mother is also entitled to claim against the father for child birth expenses. If the child or the mother dies during birth, a father may also be liable for the funeral expenses of the deceased.

After the birth, the Act states that maintenance of the mother can be ordered for a minimum period of two months. During that time, it will be proper for the parents to arrange maintenance payments for the child, either through a Limited Child Support Agreement or the Australian Government’s Child Support Agency.

Parental obligations to the child may also not end at gestational maintenance and ongoing living expenses. The law in this field is complicated. You need someone who can understand your situation and advise you about the best steps forward to ensuring your child is adequately provided for. Contact LAC Lawyers to discuss your options.

Family Health: 10 Ways You and Your Children Can Get Fit and Healthy Together

It’s easy to lose focus of our own fitness as we get older, but the influence we have on our children should not be overlooked. If you have a lazy lifestyle, it’s highly likely that your children will follow suit. So if you’re concerned about the health and fitness of your children, it may take a joint effort to turn things around. Here are 10 ways to improve family health.

1. Weekend bike rides can be a great way of getting some excellent exercise together. Not only is this a lot of fun, it also represents a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your children.

2. There are an increasing number of family gyms cropping up that offer lots of fun and games for people of all ages – both adults and children. You can do grown-up routines, while your children enjoy classes that focus on fun, as well as health.

3. One of the best exercises children (and adults, for that matter) can get is swimming. It affects many muscles and provides a fantastic cardiovascular work-out. It can also be lots of fun and a useful skill for later in life. There’s a reason why so many people swim while on holiday – it’s enjoyable!

4. Introducing your child to new sports can be a great way to improve their fitness. If it’s something you know how to play, then you can practice together and get the exercise that benefits you both. If they’re joining a team, maybe you can offer to help out on the coaching side.

5. Although more relaxed, gardening can be a great way to spend more time outdoors and it does involve physical movement that’s good for you. Many children love to get involved, whether it’s planting seeds or watering flowers.

6. The great thing about exercise is that doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is head to a local park. These days, some even have easy-to-use gym equipment, where you lift against your own bodyweight. Or, you can just take a ball or some cricket equipment and create your own games.

7. Of course, family health isn’t all about exercise. It’s also important to eat a more balanced variety of foods. Preparing home-cooked meals, rather than processed foods could be a great way to improve what you and your children consume.

8. One way to provide better food is to look for health family recipes online or in magazines and books. These will help you identify meals that give your children plenty of nutrients that are important for healthy bones and growth.

9. If your children are always snacking on unhealthy foods, things need to change. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but fruit is a much better option for snacks between meals. This goes for adults as well!

10. In this day and age, screen time is a major barrier against being fit and healthy. If your children see you come in and turn the TV on, it’s little wonder why they do the same. By limiting the family’s TV, computer and video game time you can free up more time for improving family health.

Tips For Buying Colorado Health Insurance

Getting your hands on the best Colorado health insurance you can afford may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be when you know what you’re doing. Read on for some tips to help you find the best Colorado health insurance plan for your budget.

Know your options

To obtain a plan, you can either buy individual health insurance or you can get group health insurance through your employer. There are several kinds of plans to choose from. Here is a brief primer.

FFS (Fee-for-Service) – A fee-for-service plan will pay a specific amount for each service rendered by your health care provider. There are limits, called “allowable amounts”, that the plan can pay. You should clarify these limits and other details with your insurance company. FFS plans are not very popular in Colorado because, in general, we have good access to PPO and HMO networks. As such, you can usually get a better value by opting for a PPO or HMO plan.
HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) – In this plan type, you are limited to the health care providers within the HMO network and often times are assigned to a primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP helps to “manage your healthcare”.
PPO (Preferred-Provider Organization) – This plan resembles that of an HMO, except that you may use providers outside of the network, although at lesser rates and benefits than any of the preferred providers. In addition, with a PPO you generally have the flexibility to see any specialist without first having to get a referral from your PCP.
HSA (Health Savings Account) – A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax advantaged savings account that allows you to set aside money for health care. This savings account is paired with a high deductible health insurance plan – the result being affordable yet comprehensive health coverage.

Study and compare plans

Given that you have a wide variety of plans to select from, don’t just get what your neighbor, co-worker, or best friend got. Each person has different needs and your insurance should be capable of meeting those needs when the time comes. Ideally, you should base your choice on these criteria:

the quality of the medical care you will receive
the coverage of your plan
how much your premiums will cost

Consider all these factors and weigh the cost with the benefits. Don’t shortchange yourself by getting affordable health insurance but with mediocre coverage – when the worst happens, you’ll be the one left holding the bag.

Look for alternatives

Having a hard time getting insured? Getting adequate health insurance in Colorado depends in some ways on your current health, family, and employment status. If you find that you have been denied or can’t afford health insurance, don’t despair. There are several programs you can turn to.

Medicaid – You may qualify for this if you already have a pre-existing condition and are in a low income bracket. Find out if you are eligible for Medicaid by contacting the Colorado Medicaid Program at 1.800.221.3943 or 1.800.659.2656.
Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) — Colorado provides plans for children from low income families through the CHP+. There are several rules pertaining to income brackets and family sizes.
Medicare – Another program you can turn to if you have a pre-existing condition or disability. Normally you would have to be 65 years of age or older to qualify, but you still can access this program if you have a condition that is expected to last more than one year or is considered fatal.
CoverColorado — This is a state-run program that sells health insurance to a select number of high-risk individuals–people turned down by other Colorado health insurance companies due to a serious medical condition or disability.

Get Expert Advice

Let’s face it, health insurance policies can be hard to comprehend without some guidance. In Colorado, as anywhere, the right advice can give you the coverage you want while saving you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a year. You can get advice from two sources: a good agent or a health insurance website.

You can source a good agent from friends and family members. As a criteria, a good agent won’t just help you find the right policy; they will provide service before, during, and after the policy has been sold. That means helping you helping you update your plan, being upfront about the rules and limits of your coverage, and helping you sort out claims issues if and when the need arises. In addition, a good agent will monitor your policy over the years to ensure that you are still getting the best value for your premium investment.

Understandably, some people don’t have time to go from agent to agent. If that’s the case, a health insurance website is the way to go. Look for an insurance website that is backed by a well-established insurance agency that offers a variety of services, and who are tried and tested experts on Colorado health insurance.

Read Your Policies

In the end, its all about knowing what you own. Don’t rely on blind faith that you’re getting the right health plan for your money. If you’re not sure about the terms, clauses and limits in the document, talk to an expert about it. And finally, don’t be afraid to say no. As Warren Buffett said, “If you don’t feel comfortable owning something for 10 years, then don’t own it for 10 minutes.”

Chosen well, your health insurance can save your life and preserve your family’s standard of living. It’s worth doing and it’s worth doing right.

Affordable California Health Insurance For Individuals and Families

It can be tough to find affordable California health insurance today. The number of uninsured California residents is large, over 6 million, and it is growing because of recent economic problems. Many employers have been downsizing, and former employees have lost coverage. In addition, other employers are scaling back or eliminating health benefits in order to save money.

California Medical Plans for Individuals

Some former employees may qualify for COBRA extensions. But not all of them qualify, and many of those who do qualify cannot afford the premiums. Understand that COBRA is not health insurance, but is a federal law that forces some companies to extend group benefits to terminated employees for several months. This coverage is not free, and it is not even cheap though. In fact, many ex-employees are shocked at the bill. Most companies contribute quite a large percentage of the premium, but now the ex-employer must pay the whole amount. This can be an incredible burden for people who have just lost a job.

Private Insurance Companies – California has a large and active private major medical market. Applicants can choose to purchase an individual or family policy. However, California companies are allowed to underwrite every individual applicant. This means that people can be declined or rated up. In some cases, an insurer may extend coverage, but exclude certain pre-existing conditions for several months. Prior coverage may, by law, mitigate this. Private health insurance is actually quite popular in California, and 8% of residents own their own insurance policies. For a fairly health family, a private plan may be the lowest cost option.
MediCal and Health Families – These are California public options for low income people and families in California. The income limits for adults are quite severe. The Children’s health insurance program, which also covers pregnant women, has higher income limits and can be a good option for lower to middle income families. Many private insurers refuse to cover pregnant women, so this can be a good way to cover maternity.
California High Risk Health Pool – Every US state has some program for uninsurables. Some states mandate guaranteed acceptance plans, but California uses a risk pool. California’s rules are quite strict, but premiums are mandated to be no more than 125% of standard rates.
California Primary Care Association – This group runs sliding scale primary care clinics that are open to the community. You can contact them to find care in your area.

How to Find Medical Plans in California

If you are just starting your search for coverage, you want to compare plans and prices in your local zip code. An online health insurance quote form can be an easy way to do this. You can get online information, and usually be directed to active and qualified health insurance agents in your area.

A good agent should be able to advise clients about local options even if those clients cannot qualify for or afford private coverage. Most agents thrive because clients refer them to other clients. Even if they cannot “sell” you a policy, they are usually willing to provide information so they can get positive reviews when you have the opportunity to refer a friend.

How Do You Get Free Online Counseling For Families?

When most think about counseling, they immediately think of how much counseling can cost. For some, the thought of how much a counseling session will cost is simply an excuse, but for others it is a matter that is actually getting in the way of getting the help they need. There are many reasons for getting counseling, including issues that have to do with mental health, family issues, and issues at work and so on. Thanks to online counseling, the barrier between the financially strapped and the help they need is slowly disappearing as more qualified counselors are offering some of their services online for free. In today’s world, this is a blessing for many families because they have many issues that they need to work out in order to make their family unit stronger; online family counseling can help them make this happen.

Exactly what a family may have issues with will depend on their circumstances, the age of their children, the independent lives of each spouse involved in the relationship, to name a few. Many families will not get the help that they need, for whatever reasons including embarrassment, the belief that counseling will not help the situation and so on; however, families who do go into counseling with the goal of improving the relationships within the family will often come out stronger as a result. This is because they have gone through the steps with the family counselor in order to make the changes they need so that everyone within the family are happier. Depending on the issue(s), it could be many months of counseling, or it could only be a few weeks; whether or not a family responds positively to the counseling will depend on how serious the members in the family are in correcting whatever it is that is causing the issue(s).

Many families in the past have broken up because they never really thought to give family counseling a chance. It could have been that they didn’t feel it would help, that their issues were unique and not fixable, and it could even have been that they didn’t have the money; today there is a more convenient way for families to get some of the help they need. Online family counseling is becoming more popular all the time as a way for families to sort out their problems, regardless of what they are. Free online family counseling is available in many forms, including forums, chat rooms, instant messaging and so on; many of these are free so that families who are tight financially are able to get the help that they need. There are a number of online family counselors who are aware that not everyone can afford their fees, so they have offered these options to families who are looking for help who would otherwise have to forgo the counseling they need. All a family has to do is go online and do a quick search for a website where an online counselor will offer some of their services for free. More and more families are taking advantage of this all the time and are getting the help they need.

Assurant Health Insurance Plans and Network

Fortis, Union Security Insurance, Time Insurance, and John Aldan Life Insurance are all part of the Assurant Health Family. Every insurance company associated with Assurant offers flexibility and affordability. The plans cover: small groups, short term insurance, eye care, disability, dental coverage, student health care, and more.

There are a few basic types of Assurant health insurance plans, and each is available in a variety of states. The individual, basic policies include: Network Plans, Health Savings Account Plans (HAS), Traditional, and Healthy Lifestyle. The last is an affordable option for those who are in great condition but would still like to visit a doctor for physicals every now and then.

Assurant health insurance plans also cover small businesses. Employers who have anywhere from 2 – 50 employees can choose from Consumer Choice coverage and Major Medical. With the Consumer Choice Plans, employers can help their employees save for their own, individual health care while covering the major expenses. Major Medical Coverage, of course, is a must for any employers who can afford it.

And, of course, there’s something for students and self-employed individuals. Assurant Health is a leader in both student and short-term plans. There are a number of carriers involved with the Assurant network, and individuals all across America should be able to find the best Assurant health insurance policy that will cover their needs. This coverage is affordable, easy to qualify for, and to obtain. Those who are seeking any type of insurance whatsoever need to check into the Assurant health network to check out the many options.

If you want the best insurance coverage possible at the most affordable price, then check out Assurant health insurance

Read all you can about it and then find out what all is available for you. There is so much to choose from with Assurant health insurance, so no matter what kind of medical coverage you need, you should be able to get it!

Workplace Mental Health – A Series – An Overview Of The Issue (This Is Important!)

The mind and the body are inseparable. And you do want to engage the whole employee in your worksite wellness program, right?

Most worksite wellness programs today are not really wellness programs at all – they are employee health status management programs. Why do I say this? Most worksite wellness programs focus solely on employee physical health, to the exclusion of all the other dimensions of wellness.

As conceived by the modern wellness field’s founders, (Robert Allen, Donald Ardell, Halbert Dunn, Bill Hettler and John Travis), wellness is a multi-dimensional concept. The published wellness model of the National Wellness Institute includes the following dimensions: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational and spiritual.

Emotional well-being is associated with numerous benefits to health, family, work, and economic status. Positive emotions and view of life are associated with decreased risk for disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; better coping and quicker recovery; and increased longevity. In addition, mental health and mental illness may influence physical health and biologic functioning. Positive mental health is associated with better endocrine function (i.e., lower levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine) and better immune response (i.e., higher antibody production and greater resistance to illness). It has also been shown to be associated with longevity.

Researchers are continuing to learn more and more about the mind – body connection. It has been clearly shown that emotions play a huge role in our physical health. There is also a reciprocal relationship between many chronic diseases and mental health. Self-efficacy, goal-setting, and problem-solving enable self-management behaviors, and these components are dependent on emotional health. On the other hand, self-management behaviors that enhance health, such as physical activity and stress reduction, can improve mental health status and quality of life. In many ways, it makes no sense to address physical health without addressing emotional health at the same time.

The absence of mental illness does not mean the presence of mental health. Growing research supports the view that these are independent, but related dimensions. Mental wellbeing are characterized by the presence of positive affect (e.g., optimism, cheerfulness and interest), absence of negative affect, and satisfaction with life. On the other hand, mental illness is characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behavior associated with distress or impaired functioning.

Why Address Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace?

The health of the mind and body cannot be separated. What effects one influences the other. Therefore, a healthy mind supports and contributes to a healthy body and vice versa.

Mental illness costs employers money and mental health can impact productivity and employee performance. Just like physical health, mental health can be viewed as being a continuum. At one end there is mental health and mental illness is located at the opposite end.

Mental health generally refers to the successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships, and the ability to adapt to change and adversity. These domains are commonly referred to as wellbeing.

Mental illness includes diseases with classic psychiatric diagnoses, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Mental health and mental illness can be influenced by multiple determinants, including genetics and biology and their interactions with social and environmental factors.

Employers approach employee health through a multi-strategy framework. A multi-strategy framework can be applied to an employer approach to mental health as well. A comprehensive approach includes: promotion, prevention, intervention, and follow-up. It is important to recognize that mental health promotion needs to be equal in importance to the prevention and treatment of mental illness.

Today’s worksite wellness programs need to address all dimensions of employee wellness, not just physical health.

The Very Beneficial and Affordable Health Care Insurance

A man’s existence is surrounded by apprehensions and fears. He fears the losing of his precious things like the shelter, health, family etc. but the constantly growing inflation has made him lose many things. People neglect their health to earn day and night. They need to know that affordable health care insurance is available to secure their future in the best way.

Many people have invested money in health insurance and let go of the worrisome life. You can too make your life better with these plans. The health insurance plan covers all your medical expenses, from your dental expenses to broken leg. The money that you will be putting aside from daily expenses for these plans would facilitate you in future.

These plans become very useful in the case of any emergency. When faced with one suddenly, you don’t have to worry about taking loans as these plans would help take care of everything and you will have to pay a very small amount.

If you find some insurance plans very expensive, then search for an affordable health care insurance. Some cheaper plans would include lesser coverage but they might fit well in your budget.

You must remember that saving money now is no solution for cutting down the expenses. These plans serve you well in your tough times specially when faced with an unexpected high medical expense.

Many health insurance companies are available at your service. You only have to go through their quotes to choose the best one for you. Look for the one that goes best with your budget and provides maximum benefits for you and your family.